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android apps imageWelcome to AndroidAppsFinder.com: The newest and easiest way to search through all of the Best Android™ Apps to find your favorites!  It's that easy!


Want to know what makes the newest Android site one of the best?  First off, the entire collection of nearly 100,000 Android Apps are listed and broken down by category.  Want to spend money on apps for your phone or would you rather just pick up the freebies?  That's easy: there are lists of Paid Android Apps and Free Android Apps by category.


Well that’s great for those who like to browse through thousands of apps, but what about the majority who want to find an app quick, download it and actually play with it on their Android phone instead of reading and researching? That’s where the Finder of AndroidAppsFinder comes in.

Our search facilities are amazingly fast and accurate.  We’ve played with and tweaked our search to make it stand up to the most powerful search options available today.  If you know the exact name of an Android app you’re thinking about downloading, simply type it in and you’ll be met instantly by that app (most likely followed by many others that resemble that app so you can check those out too).  Most importantly, for the broader searches that are more common:  if you are searching for Android Golf Apps, just type in “Golf” and hundreds of results should keep you busy searching for that perfect Android Golf App!


OK, so you found the perfect Android app, what’s next?  Herein lies the beauty of this site: unlike many other sites out there, there’s no need to login (now or ever in the future!) to fully utilize all of the content and features here at AndroidAppsFinder.com!  Within each and every Android app description page on the site, there’s a QR Code.  All you need is a free “barcode scanner” app installed on your Android phone to fully utilize these codes!  Essentially, just take a picture of the QR Code and you’ll be brought to that app’s download page at the Android Market™.  Talk about skipping a few steps and making life easy! 


Many exciting new features are on the way and will be live on Android Apps Finder very soon.  We’ll never stop improving and upgrading our offerings.  Trust me, if you have an Android phone and you’re looking to stay on top of the latest and greatest Android apps, there’s only one name you’ll need to know: AndroidAppsFinder.com!

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