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Here at Android Apps Finder, we've broken down the Best Android Apps to make it easier and faster for you to find the very best apps and see just how popular they are. How does this work? In short- it's very easy!

First, we identify the very best Android apps and go through and divide them into 3 groups based entirely on popularity. Then we attach a symbol and a name to all the Top 5% of Android apps. What better way is there to label all the best Android apps than by using the universal gold, silver and bronze medals? We didn't think we could do better than that, so that's how the Gold App™, Silver App™ and Bronze App™ groups were conceived!

Here’s a graphical display of the rough outcome of our calculations that determine whether an app has attained Gold, Silver or Bronze status:

Gold Apps Most Popular 1% of all apps*
Silver Apps Most Popular 1-3% of apps*
Bronze Apps Most Popular 3-5% of apps*

The total of all Gold, Silver and Bronze Apps combined on our site is 4.9986% of all apps.

*The Best Android Apps are broken down into these %’s within their specific category

How do we Figure out the Best Android Apps???

So why don't we just figure out the Top 5% of all Android apps before breaking them down into their categories? We do it for you! Trust us: it would be a heck of a lot easier to have not done it this way. But, because we take the extra time to break down the apps first, then figure out the Top 5%, the Gold, Silver and Bronze apps are a much more valuable tool to use when browsing all the apps on Android Apps Finder!

Want a bit more of a reason why we've done it this way? We'll try to explain how we've come up with our way of identifying and gathering the best Android apps.

Because infinitely more people download free Android apps than their paid counterparts, a paid app being downloaded 10,000 times is essentially the same (in terms of its popularity) as a free app that’s downloaded 500,000 times! For this reason, before running our calculations to determine the Gold, Silver and Bronze Apps, we first split all the apps into categories, then separate the free Android apps from the paid ones. This has allowed us to compare "apples to apples" and provide you with much more valuable insight.

OK, so you get it, right?!?! Now, where do you find these Gold, Silver and Bronze Apps? That's the easiest part of all this... All you have to do is use our navigation options to browse through all the Android apps. The best Android apps are listed first- starting with Gold, then Silver and Bronze. Finally, the rest of the Android apps are listed.

**The most popular Android apps within each group are listed in completely random order. The same is true with apps not popular enough to be recognized as Gold, Silver or Bronze.


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